uPATCH and MyLife Technologies join forces and receive MIT Funding for Innovating HPV Vaccination
07 november 2023 
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uPATCH and MyLife Technologies join forces and receive MIT Funding for Innovating HPV Vaccination

We are proud to announce that uPATCH and MyLife Technologies have secured MIT R&D funding to revolutionize HPV vaccination. This partnership will result in an optimal combination of uPATCH's innovative end-user microneedle applicators with MyLife Technologies' microneedle platform. This partnership with MyLife Technologies together with the MIT funding marks a significant milestone for uPATCH's microneedle applicators and paves the way for market entry. Major NGO's like the WHO, Gavi and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have earmarked microneedle technology as the most important innovation for global vaccinations. 

The HPV Challenge 

In October 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a "high priority focus" program to combat HPV infections, a virus responsible for about 5% of cancer cases. HPV is primarily sexually transmitted and is the most common STI globally, with over 100 types, 40 of which affect the genital area and some being high-risk variants linked to cancers. However, in the Netherlands, the HPV vaccination rate is low at 63%, dropping below 50% among adolescents. Achieving a rate over 70% is crucial to eliminate HPV. This low rate is due to factors like needle phobia, vaccination taboos, and distribution costs, with most vaccines needing refrigeration, leading to substantial costs. Addressing these issues is essential for global public health improvement. 

Total Vaccine Drug Delivery Solution (TVDS) 

uPATCH and Mylife Technologies are developing a Total Vaccine Drug Delivery Solution (TVDS), a system using microneedle patches to simplify vaccination. With standardized patch application through a user-friendly end-user applicator, our goal is to improve vaccination rateseliminate cold chain distribution (CCD) costs and make healthcare available for every person on Earth.  


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