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The manner in which microneedles are applied to the skin has a big influence on the level of penetration the microneedles reach, which in turn influences the function/delivery of the medicine a lot. For the microneedle applicators to function, certain insertion parameters of the microneedle arrays (MNA’s) need to be determined. uPATCH offers research to determine these parameters. This will be delivered in a report form which can be used in the documentation for the certification trajectory. All of our tests are performed under a controlled context which corresponds with the conditions the applicator will create.

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R&D Services

We offer Research and Development advice/support for companies that focus on microneedle-related research and/ or development. This includes designing and developing devices/tools intended for microneedle research.

Pressing Force Tests

We offer controlled pressing force validation to verify whether the pressing force threshold of the uPATCH ONE is enough to guarantee full penetration of the microneedles.

Velocity Tests

In this research, the velocity is controlled and tested to validate if the Impact Force that the applicator will create is enough to guarantee sufficient penetration of the microneedles.

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