We develop medical Microneedle Applicators for end-users and conduct research services on applying microneedles.

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Making drug delivery available for every person on earth

We do this by unlocking the potential of microneedle technology as a superior new drug delivery system compared to hypodermic needles. This novel technology uses a collection of very small needles of less than 1mm in length, containing the drug or vaccine, mounted on a backplate. With our applicators, users can administer the vaccines and drugs themselves painlessly, effectively and consistently. The microneedles are not required to be stored or distributed under refrigerated conditions, thereby eliminating the logistical cold chain.

"Our microneedle applicators are based on years of experience in the research of microneedle application. Developed by highly skilled Design Engineers, our microneedle applicators are safe, reliable and user-friendly."

By unlocking the potential of microneedles

So how can we make sure medication can reach every person on earth? The only way this can become a reality is to make it cheaper. If we expect everyone to participate, we will have to fit within everyone’s budget. The biggest portion of the costs is the logistics and infrastructure needed to distribute the medicine. And the vaccine itself is also a reasonable part of the cost. uPATCH has developed technology that uses microneedles to solve this problem. The microneedles are integrated into a medical patch which is so easy to use that anybody will be able to do it. Because of this, no medical professionals will be needed to administer the vaccines. This has a huge impact on the resources needed for the infrastructure of such an operation. 

About us

uPATCH specializes in the research of applying microneedles and developing microneedle applicators. uPATCH was founded by Bart van Oorschot and Koen van der Maaden. During his PhD on microneedle application, Koen discovered that properly piercing microneedles into the skin was paired with a lot of issues. This is where Koen contacted Product Designer and Highschool friend Bart van Oorschot. This collaboration was the beginning of the mission to make end-user microneedle applicators that enable everyone to apply microneedles to themselves. Let's make healthcare available for everyone on earth!

Our Microneedle Applicators


The new way to vaccinate the world in one single shape


Safe medication administration every single time

"The world is in need of value-driven organisations. That’s why I believe in uPATCH"

Pieter Stenfert, Investor and former founder of Insights Benelux

About the uPATCH Applicators

Our microneedle applicator development process is evidence-based. This means that we have years of experience in the research of effective microneedle applications. With this expertise at our disposal, we patented 3 important working principles that ensure the right penetration efficiency. These fundamental working principles are incorporated into all of our microneedle applicators. At its core, uPATCH is a Research and development company. We have skilled Design Engineers that use the microneedle research conclusions to make safe, reliable and user-friendly microneedle applicators. Our applicators, therefore, guarantee the best penetration possible for everyone, anytime.

Our belief

How are we going to make healthcare available for everyone on earth? Find out!