uPATCH featured in OndrugDelivery Magazine
04 april 2023 
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uPATCH featured in OndrugDelivery Magazine

Skin Drug Delivery: Dermal, Transdermal & Microneedles.

We are proud to announce that our company has been featured in the latest issue of OndrugDelivery, which focuses on Skin Drug Delivery: Dermal, Transdermal & Microneedles. 

One of the main topics covered in the issue is the importance of microneedle applicators for consistent and effective microneedle penetration. We are glad that we can share the critical role of these applicators in achieving successful microneedle penetration.

At uPATCH, we are dedicated to developing innovative drug delivery solutions that improve overall microneedle penetration. Our work in this field has been recognized by OndrugDelivery, and we are therefore proud to be featured in this issue.

We invite you to read the article in OndrugDelivery to learn more about the benefits of microneedle applicators. We believe that this information will be valuable to anyone interested in drug delivery and related development.

Read the article at OndrugDelivery here.

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