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The uPATCH PLUS is our multiple-use microneedle applicator


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A multiple-use microneedle applicator 

The uPATCH PLUS is a microneedle applicator intended for multiple-use.  This microneedle applicator enables you to apply microneedle patches to your skin in an effective and reproducible manner. The uPATCH patented technology enables you to re-use the PLUS by loading a new Patch into the device. The microneedles are located inside the Patch.

The uPATCH PLUS is ideal for people that have to inject themselves weekly or daily against a variety of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and migraines. With the uPATCH PLUS, this can be done painlessly and without disposing of big auto-injectors.

The uPATCH PLUS Microneedle Applicator for multiple-use

The benefits of the uPATCH PLUS applicator

Re- usable

The uPATCH PLUS allows the user to administer medication to themselves multiples times

Guaranteed impact force

The PLUS can apply microneedle patches with various end- velocities

Stretches skin

The skin is gently stretched to ensure the best penetration possible every time

Safe application

The Docking station prevents the microneedles to come in contact with the user while it is being loaded

"With our expertise in handheld medical devices, we helped uPATCH with the development of the uPATCH PLUS and ONE. We are glad we could combine research and engineering to make a valuable product proposition that can have a real impact on the world"

Jos Oberdorf, Partner at NPK Design and Professor Product Architecture Design at TU Delft

How to use

This video explains how the uPACTH PLUS is able to apply a microneedle patch to the skin with optimal penetration efficiency. It shows how a user can do this themselves without any issues. The uPATCH PLUS is designed in a way that applying microneedles is just as easy as brushing your teeth. Find out how in this video!

Why choose the uPATCH PLUS?

The uPATCH PLUS Microneedle Applicator | Universal


The uPATCH PLUS uses the universal uPATCH microneedle patch to apply microneedles to the skin. Many types and sizes of microneedle arrays can be placed on the uPATCH Patch. The PLUS can therefore be used to apply almost any type of microneedle there is.


The user is able to load and apply microneedle patches multiple times without the need for any professional medical personnel. The microneedles are contained and protected by a microneedle patch. You can easily load and apply these microneedles patches using the uPATCH PLUS as many times as necessary.

Safe application

With the docking system, the uPATCH Patches and clever safety mechanisms, the uPATCH PLUS prevents the user from unintentionally touching the microneedles or triggering the device. In addition to safety, the uPATCH PLUS system is also very easy to use. This allows anyone to apply microneedles safely and quickly.

Stretches Skin

Before microneedle application, the skin is gently stretched by the legs of the uPATCH PLUS. The legs are changeable to accommodate various skin types. After application, the uPATCH Patch keeps the skin in this stretched position for as long as the medication requires it to be. 

Guaranteed Impact Force

The uPATCH PLUS can apply microneedle patches with specific guaranteed impact forces. Validation and quality assurance is conducted by a velocity measuring device that is specifically developed for the uPATCH PLUS. The PLUS can deliver various end-velocities. Contact us for more custom end-velocity possibilities.

FAQ about the uPATCH PLUS

Do you need medical professionals to apply microneedles using the uPATCH PLUS?

The uPATCH PLUS is a microneedle applicator that is designed for end-users. You can apply the uPATCH PLUS yourself without the need for medical professionals. 

What kind of microneedle technologies can be applied using the uPATCH PLUS?

The uPATCH PLUS uses a universal microneedle patch to apply microneedles to the skin. Practically all types and sizes of microneedle arrays can be accommodated on the uPATCH Patch.

Is the uPATCH PLUS designed according to safety regulations?

The uPATCH PLUS is designed according to the standards of the (MDR) Medical Device Regulations. During the development process, we focus greatly on documenting the process. Because our product lines can be combined with other technologies, we take great care of working together and sharing documentation during development in order to make an efficient certification process for clients.

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